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Dear Salon Owner:
Sit back for a minute and think about how much the World has changed in the past13 years...
In 2000, there was no Facebook, no Twitter, no LinkedIn, no iPhone, no iPod, no iPad. The Blackberry smart phone was barely even invented (and no one owned one!). No instant chat, no camera phone, and no texting. Google was virtually unknown and Wikipedia had not yet been created. There was no American Idol, Survivor or Dancing with the Stars.
And no one had a website, there was no social media marketing and online appointment booking didn't exist. The yellow pages were the most common advertising vehicle for salon and spas. And you could actually find a street corner without a salon on it.
North America, Europe and the World have all changed dramatically in the past 13 years. And we have changed... our jobs and businesses have changed... what we know about the World has changed... what we do with our time has changed... our relationships have changed... even what we eat has changed...
But, while all of this has been going on...

Most Salon Owners are Making Business and
Marketing Decisions as if They Were Still Living in 1999!

It’s as if part of our brains got caught in a “time warp” and can’t get out!
Make no mistake... those owners who continue in this “time warp” will pay a heavy price.
They will make little, if any, money from their salon or spa business. Some will struggle to make ends meet. Some will lose a large portion of their retirement savings and have to keep working well past age 65.
Those hit the hardest may be forced to abandon their beloved career and close down their business forever. Having to let staff go and telling long time clients. The embarrassment, the shame, the guilt. Imagine how it feels to hang a “Going Out of Business” sign on your own salon.
Some will lose everything and end up poor... and some, well, I don’t even want to even think about it.
This is NOT only happening to salon owners it is happening to many different categories of small business around the world.
The good news is this: While developing my innovative client attraction methods as well as teaching and working with other salon and spa owners, I also discovered something else...

We Are at the Beginning of the Greatest Opportunity
To Grow and Expand Your Salon Business!

If you’ve been in business for the last few years, you know that things have shifted DRAMATICALLY for those in our industry. Many of the advertising methods that salon and spas are using today are totally obsolete.
Many experienced salon and spa owners are scratching their heads, asking, “What exactly is working these days? I know my services are valuable, but it seems what worked before is not working now. What should I do?”
An as industry leader, I’m committed to making sure you have ALL the tools you need to create the kind of financial future you want (and deserve) for you and your family.
I’m committed to doing the research to uncover the latest business and marketing trends, concepts and systems. I’m committed to sharing with you, honestly and openly, what works and what doesn’t in my own salons.
Here Is What I Discovered About
Mobile Marketing
  • The THREE things you carry with you when you step out of your house include your car keys, wallet and cellphone.
  • In the U.S. there are now over 296 million wireless subscribers. In other words 92% of  the US population owns a cellphone.
  • 40 % increase in smart phone users in 2012
  • Your clients now use their mobile phone for text messaging more than voice and internet access combined. According to Bill Boorman 75% of emails are opened, 60% of Facebook posts and 90% tweets are all conducted from a mobile device!
  • Mobile marketing has arrived and is growing faster than any other advertising medium. Matter of fact some experts are saying that Mobile Marketing will be FIVE times bigger than the Internet.
  • 2012 Nielson Study states that 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps
  • There were 10.9 billion worldwide app downloads in 2010 as reported by International Data Corp
  • Global mobile transactions are predicted to be more than 1 trillion by 2015.
Salon Mobile Phone Apps™ was developed by salon owners for salon owners and brings your all the features you need right now to advertise and monetize your apps.
Here are the facts behind why a mobile strategy should be an integral part of any company’s marketing plans:
Mobile interaction is the Internet 3.0. If Internet 1.0 was static websites and Internet 2.0 was all about the first social sites designed for interaction, 3.0 is now about the mobile platforms and apps that are driving more and more online traffic and more customized user experiences. As noted above, there will be a huge increase of mobile-only Internet users in the next few years, leading to whole new ways of web usage that demand marketers’ attention.
Mobile goes beyond Google. Searches with QR Codes will become more and more common, primarily to seek out product information. Last year, 14 million mobile users scanned a QR code with their devices and, in Europe, QR code usage has doubled in the last 12 months.
Email is going the way of the fax. Open rates for emails are at around 11%, while open rates for mobile phone texts are at 95%. Which rate would you rather have for your marketing message?
Social media is going mobile. Last year, U.S. mobile social media users grew by 37%, while European users grew by 44%. Twitter and LinkedIn mobile usage also doubled in 2011.
Moms are more mobile than everybody else. A fact that may surprise you: According to eMarketer; Moms are more likely to own a smartphone than anyone else in the population. Two-thirds of those mothers are using the mobile web on a regular basis. Another study from 2011 shows that 25% of those moms were using their mobile devices to hunt down discounts and to find coupons, and 20% were actually shopping online with their smartphones.
The trends are clear--and so is the necessary direction for all marketers. Mobile is already the best place to sell, and that advantage will only continue to grow over the next few years.
Which is one of the reasons we are now building mobile phone apps and associated online systems for salons & spas.

Introducing All In One Done-For-You Salon Mobile Phone App

Finally You Can Have Your Own Stunning & Functional iPhone,
iPad and Android App Created For Less Than The Cost of A Color
And Cut Client

Today we launch our salon & spa-only, mobile phone app building service. Within weeks, you could be taking appointments, selling products and gift certificates, getting client feedback and getting referrals via your own Android & iPhone app.
And to launch the service, we’ve created a sensational deal.
Normally, having an app built for your salon or spa can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000, depending on complexity. That’s simply not feasible for most salon and spa owners.
For a very limited time, we’ll build you a fully-featured iPhone & Android app for just $995 set-up and $99/month hosting & maintenance.
And the best part is: there are no contracts. You can use it for 3 months, 6 months or as long as you like, or cancel whenever you like.


Top of Mind Awareness
You’ll be the salon that’s always showing on their phone. You are right there when they want to make an appointment.
One Click Appointment
Potential clients will be able to click one click and automatically dials your salon number to make an appointment with you.
Location and Address
Easily see your location and address, and if necessary they can open up their Google map.
Your Pricing and Menu
Your clients will be able to browse your services and pricing at their finger tips.
24-7 Booking
They can fill out a form and make an appointment with you 24/7 with their app. You’ll automatically get a notification.
Push Button Promotions
You can now electronically offer free gifts, % discounts, incentives, holiday promotions, and reminders to your clients.
Sell Gift Certificates & Products
Users will be able to purchase gift certificates and products directly from your salon app.
No Hassles
We take care of all the designing, programming, hosting, all the technical stuff you don’t want to mess with and don’t have time to mess with.
Social Media Integration
All sites are tightly integrated with Twitter and Facebook. Gather followers and fans while allowing your users to share your salon with a single click.
Profitable Stats
Track visitors to your apps’ sites and clicks within your pages through Google Analytics. We show you the sources of traffic or success of an ad-campaign and let you get to know your customers’ demographics and behavior.
No Maintenance
All sites are hosted on redundant webservers with daily backups. Updates are applied automatically while your sites remain available. We take care of the web-presence so you can focus your energy on your business.
Trusted Proven System
Developed by best-selling author and world’s #1 salon business expert Dan Lok. Many successful salons use Salon Mobile Phone Apps™. It’s a proven system that you can trust to fill your appointment book and generate more profits.
Rapid Customer Support
Got a question? Run into a challenge? We have outstanding customer support.
No long-term commitments
No long term contracts. You can cancel your account at anytime.
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